Oscar Mercado

Stopped by this morning and everyone was very courteous and friendly. Addressed my needs and very knowledgeable assisted answering some questions. Best Dealer in town. Welcome to Sanford


Kyle Parker

great staff great place can't miss the parts with the big giant sign

timothy mctigue

boynton beach fl, FL

Hello there, I am travelling thru town and incurred a fr flat on my bike. my car is in the Toyota dealer waiting for a repair. Cameron checked his service schedule. they were able to fit me in due to having no wheels and being an out of towner! I was able to get my bike almost immediately, after the repair. I also had to run to Los Angles for the weekend. They kept my bike in safe storage for 4 days also! Very friendly people! Clean shop n store. I would not want to go anywhere else in the county. Thank You!